April 29, 2011

Yesterday's Prices, the 1930's

 Y is for Yesterday's Prices, the 1930's.  (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

Imagine how much farther your food budget would stretch if your next shopping trip was based on yesterday's prices (1930's).
  • cabbage, 3 cents a pound
  • Campbell's Tomato Soup, 25 cents for four cans
  • hotdogs, 8 cents a pound
  • oranges, 14 for 25 cents
  • potatoes, 18 cents for ten pounds
  • iceberg lettuce, 7 cents a head
  • ketchup, 9 cents
  • dozen eggs, 18 cents
  • bananas, 19 cents for four pounds
  • peanut butter, 23 cents a quart
  • loaf of bread, 5 cents
  • toilet paper, 9 cents for two rolls
  • Brand Flakes, 10 cents
  • Camay Soap, 6 cents a bar
  • toothpaste, 27 cents
  • applesauce, 20 cents for three cans
  • chocolate bar, 5 cents
  • single-dip ice-cream cone, 5 cents
  • milk, 14 cents a quart
  • round steak, 42 cents a pound
But remember, the average salary in the 1930's was $1,368.  So probably those people cringed when they went shopping, too, just as we do!


    1. Yep, and look at what the unemployment rate was then.

    2. If I could just go "back to the future" with a pocketful of money and stock up...

      I’m A-Z Blogging and my “Y” post is right here.

    3. Oh me too. 5 cents for chocolate! Unbelievable!

    4. My gram was born in 1917. The first time she got her own coat she was 12 and it was because she was too fat to fit into her older sisters' hand me downs. It was a different life then. I think we are headed that way again, and it might not be all that bad.

    5. Heck, I'd be glad to return to the days of penny candy! I can't give pennies to the grand kids any more--they want silver.

    6. I cannot imagine round steak for 42 cents a pound. These prices were what my dad and grandmother talked about when they reminisced upon those times. Amazing.

    7. The numbers are still sad to look at, considering I just payed 3.50 for Ketchup yesterday! Was the salary annual or monthly? Because that's more than what I make in a month now!