April 5, 2011


D is for Dandelion.

My memories of dandelion:

I remember picking yellow dandelion flowers for my mother, and she was always happy when I gave her the straggly bouquet.  I didn't realize at the time they were just weeds.   Now I am the one on the receiving end of yellow dandelion flowers when my second grade students pick them for me while at recess.  I know now my mother was genuinely happy receiving these weeds, just as I am happy when receiving these precious bouquets  from one of my second graders!  (Photo by Frontisek Chmura, Dreamstime.com)

I also remember that when the dandelion flowers turned from yellow to white seeds, my sisters and I would blow on them.  You were only allowed one blow.  In theory,  the number of  seeds that remained on the stem indicated the number of children you would have some day.  

Of course, we cheated!  If there were too many "children" left on the stem, we just blew another time or more until we got the number we thought we wanted.  I  usually blew until there were no "children" left.    (Photo by Roman Jakupov, Dreamstime.com) 

I  remember picking dandelion greens for dinner.  Want a recipe for a delicious hot bacon dressing?  Check out my article, Hot Bacon Dressing and Dandelion Greens.


  1. Wonderful post. I know many consider them weeds, but I love dandelions :)

  2. Your recipes for Hot Bacon dressing over dandelion greens sounds really delicious. Dandelions hold great memories for me, too. Thanks for writing something that let me revisit the past for a few short moments today.

  3. Thanks for reading my story about Care Giving. Wow. Does this story about dandelions bring back some wonderful memories. I can remember eating them at dinner time. Thanks for a fantastic memory. :)

  4. Nice post! I love dandelions, although my hubby prefers a plush, green, weed-free lawn. If I had it my way, I'd let the dandelions take over and have a field of them.

    We used to make wishes as we blew the dandelion fluff. :O)