April 4, 2011

The Cat From Wondrous Story Christian Bookstore

 (photo from Dundanim, Dreamstime.com)

A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Today's letter is C for cat.  Anyone who knows me had to be pretty sure I would choose "cat".  And they were right.

Wondrous Story Christian Bookstore has a cat!  Her name is Phoebe, and as you can see by her photo, she is very beautiful.  In her case, beauty does not take the place of brains. Not only is Phoebe beautiful, she is a precociously smart cat, too. I'm sure you can see that by her photo, too.

Phoebe got her name from an amazing woman in the Bible.  I am going to let Phoebe herself tell you about the origin of her very fitting name.  Over to you, Phoebe!

Thanks, Ilene!  I got my name from the Bible, Romans 16:1-2. The name Phoebe means "radiant." Phoebe is only mentioned once in the Bible, but she played an important role in the early Church.

In fact, she is considered an AMAZING WOMAN OF THE BIBLE. Oh, I am so pleased to be named after her, although it does put a bit of pressure on me!

Here's why!

1. Phoebe was a follower of Jesus Christ.

2. She was a sister in the Lord to the Apostle Paul.

3. She was a deaconess at the local church at Cenchrea, which put her in a position of responsibility.

4. Phoebe looked after the needs of the other Christians.

5. She was a business woman in the man's world of the Roman Empire.

6. Phoebe was entrusted by Paul to carry his precious Book of Romans. Importantly, it was "The Constitution of Christianity" to the Roman Church.

7. She is known as the one who got the job done. She simply did what she was asked to do.

Now that you know Phoebe of the Bible a little bit better, I'm sure you can easily see why she made the AMAZING list!

And, I must humbly add, after you know me a bit better, you will completely understand that I am AMAZING, too!

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  1. Until I became allergic to them I always had cats. I would still have them if I weren't allergic to them. I liked the history lesson here. Whenever I think of Phoebe, I think of "Friends." She was radiant. Here's my "C" challenge blog: http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/2011/04/craziness-day-3-from-a-z-challenge.html

  2. I have 4 amazing cats. Phoebe is very cute!

  3. What an adorable cat :) On a somewhat related note- I was just reading an article on MSN yesterday about how popular cats are in bookstores!

  4. Good story. I am not a cat person, but once in a while I come across a cat that is smarter than the rest.

  5. That's a great story about Phoebe the cat!