April 6, 2011

The Date For Easter Sunday

 (photo by Hannamaria, Dreamstime.com)

(Kitty's looking for a chocolate mouse in her Easter basket!)

E is for Easter.

Easter Sunday is the day on the Christian calendar that Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It can only occur between March 22 and April 25.  Why?  How is the date for Easter determined?

Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after March 21.  March 21 is the vernal equinox, or the day on which the length of daylight equals the length of darkness.  The first day of Spring is celebrated on the vernal equinox.

So, First,  vernal equinox (spring), March 21.
      Next, full moon
      Then, Easter Sunday!

The vernal equinox never changes, so Easter can be between March 22 and April 25, depending on the full moon.

The last time Easter fell on March 22 (the earliest possible date) was 1818.  That won't happen again until 2285.  If you are reading this now, you will not, in your life time, ever experience Easter on March 22.

The next time Easter will fall on April 25 (the latest possible date) will be 2038.  Maybe all of us will live to experience Easter in that year.

But we don't have to wait until then for Easter to be later.  This year, 2011, we will celebrate Easter on April 24.


  1. Very interesting and good to know. Thank you.

  2. Wow, I didn't realize it involved all that. Very interesting.

  3. What a cool blog! I am going to tell everyone I know this little factoide and sound super smart. Nice to meet you!

  4. I'll be celebrating at my oldest daughter's house. What will you be doing on April 24th?

  5. Word Nerd, I am planning to travel to Pennsylvania to spend Easter with my extended family. I live in Virginia.