April 15, 2011

Karen Kingsbury

K is for Karen Kingsbury,  A-Z Blogging Challenge

Who could make you want to dash right out and get a certain author's books to read?

Well,  my friend Kathryn could!

I never paid much attention to books by Karen Kingsbury.  I saw them in bookstores, in the library, and advertised on the web.

I liked the way Karen's name looked, with her first and last name both beginning with "K".   And when you say her name, it has a nice ring to it.  I knew her books always looked colorfully attractive with good-looking people on the cover.  But other than that, I didn't choose to get involved with her books.

Then Kathryn started talking about them.

Me:  What kind of books does Karen write?

Kathryn:  Fiction.

Me:  Do you have a favorite?

Kathryn:  Yes, The Redemption Series.  There are five books:  (1) Redemption, (2) Remember, (3) Return, (4) Rejoice, and (5) Reunion.  They follow a family, the Baxters.  There are five children:  four girls, and the youngest is a boy.  Each book focuses on one of the children, but the whole family is in every book.

Me:  What are some issues this series raises?

Kathryn:  They cover infidelity, aids, 911, family tragedies.  The books show the benefit of being part of a strong Christian family and how they can get through anything.  I was always sad to finish every book, but thrilled to start the next one!

Me:  Would you read The Redemption Series again?

Kathryn:  Oh, I already have!  I've read the whole series twice, all the way through.  And I cry in every one!  I feel like I am part of the Baxter family.  They are the kind of family that you want to be a part of.  And all the books end like they're supposed to!

Me:  So are the Baxters a perfect family that doesn't exist in real life?

Kathryn:  No, sad things and problems do happen, and even though the family teaches about God, sometimes things go wrong.  Through prayer and commitment to God, things all turn out OK.  Sometimes the kids make poor choices, but they always find their way back because the parents don't give up on them.

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  1. I wish I had more time for "me" reading. Making a note of this, thank you.