September 26, 2010

Betcha Can't Eat Just One

Whoopie Pies--these two words make me think of back home and our  Pennsylvania Dutch country kitchen with the old-fashioned wood stove. So I have something in common with the famous whoopie pies--we both originated in Pennsylvania. I can feel my five senses beginning to work overtime.

Sight: Whoopie pies actually aren't pies at all. They're a sandwich cake, 2 round little (or make them as big as you want) chocolate cakes with rich, creamy filling (and lots of it) in the middle.

Hearing: I hear myself asking Mom, "May I make whoopie pies?" And her answer, "Yes."

Smell: Just like a Food Network Star says, "It smells so good in here. We need smellavision."

Touch: Most of the time I'd eat my whoopie pies just like a sandwich, getting tasty bites of the soft mixture of moist chocolate cake and cream filling. Other times I'd try eating them like an oreo cookie. First, one soft chocolate cake, then lick off the filling, followed by the other round little cake.

Taste: Perfect combo--the deep chocolate flavor with the vanilla-white filling. I always doubled the ingredients when mixing the filling so I could be extra generous scooping on the creamy stuff!

With all the varieties of whoopie pies today--pumpkin cakes with cream cheese filling, or chocolate cakes with raspberry--or peppermint--or peanut butter--or espresso filling--I still like the originals the best.

And why are they called whoopie pies? Appparently,  Pennsylvania Dutch Amish wives would bake these desserts and pack them in their husbands' lunchboxes. When the farmers would open their lunches and see the sweet temptations, they would shout, "Whoopie!"

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