September 13, 2010

Organize Your Messy Car!

Not that you have a messy car.  This is meant for all those other messy people!

We spend a lot of time in our cars.  And once it's messy, it becomes all too easy to just keep on adding to the mess.

Here are a few easy-to-do steps to maintain an organized and tidy car.  So if next week, your boss asks you to drop him/her off somewhere, you don't have to panic and figure out how you can quickly clean the car before the boss gets in it!

Begin by sorting what's already in the car.  No doubt you will find trash that can just be thrown away. Get rid of it and experience the wonderful feeling that you're well on your way to an organized and neat car.  I usually find french fries on the floor of my car that somehow escaped my mouth--however does that happen?  The last time I cleaned my car, I even found the owner's manual. And maybe you will, too!

Decide which things need to stay in your car.  That would be things you frequently use, things you sometimes use, things you need for a particular trip, and things you may need in the event of an emergency.  Everything else can be permanently taken out of your car and stored somewhere else. (garage, attic, etc)

What are the things you don't have when you need them?  Tissues? Cell phone?  Pen?  Paper?  Loose change for tolls?  Those things you want to keep near you in some way.  Other things can be put in the back seat or even in the trunk.  Remember that some items can be put away from your reach at the end of a season, such as ice scrapers.

Find containers you can use to organize and store.  Revel in the fact that you will no longer be hearing stuff rolling around every time you turn a corner or slam on the brakes!

And that's how easy it is.  Now you just have to keep the car clean and organized.  Once you start having things out of place again--or throwing trash on the floor--you will quickly have a messy car again.

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  1. Good post and good advice. My car now has a layer of mess that I just dont clean.