June 10, 2011

Our Front Porch

Porches don't seem to be as important now as they used to be.

What's keeping us indoors?   TV?  The comfort of air conditioning? Our fast-paced lives?  Or how about the computer?

I can easily reminisce about the porches I knew in my childhood the same way I would  reminisce about an old friend.

In my early childhood years,  Sunday evenings were spent on the porch, watching the cars go by, as our house was right next to the road.  Sounds really boring , I know, but it was actually a pleasant family time that was looked forward to every week.  (photo by Jimmy Lopes, Dreamstime.)

We had a strawberry patch, and Mom sold strawberries by the side of the road.  I sat on the porch waiting for sales!

Later we moved to a house back from the road.  I sat on the porch afternoons to eat a popsicle.  Then, when dinner was ready, I sat there to wait for my Dad to finish milking the cows and come in the house to eat.  And how I loved sitting there during a summer shower, smelling the rain while remaining perfectly dry. 

We'd shell peas, shuck corn, and snap green beans, all on our front porch. 

I can picture the snow shovel on the porch, leaning against the house, after a snowstorm in the winter.  Likewise, I can picture a huge pile of cantaloupes Mom had just gathered from the garden in the summer.

I smelled the marigolds, heard the birds singing, listened to the crickets, and watched the lightening bugs.  I heard the screen door banging.  All while sitting on the porch.

I read  Charlotte's Web while sitting on that porch.  And I played "Church" with the farm cats.  They were my children, but they rarely behaved very well in church!

What are your memories  about your front porch?


  1. I'm more of a sit out on the back deck than front porch person. Maybe because I'm reclusive and don't want people to see me and stop to talk?

  2. So young and such a NYer, I haven't experienced a porch like that but I agree with your sentiments! My front porch was more of a side porch bcuz the entrance to our rented-out upstairs apartment was on the porch side so we'd call the that side we used the front..the driveway was there anyway, as was the garage, well it's a big house all-in-all but I digress.
    Growing up, I remember singing, playing cards and playing school on the porch. I remember dancing and playing hand games, listening to music and even the boys hooking up their video games on the porch with extension cords and a television set with an antenna. I remember late at night waiting for everyone to go home on the porch. We ate popsicles and all sorts of snacks on that porch. Of course, we attracted many ants due to that. There have been many talks, photographs and surprise reunions on the porch. When I got older, the porch was where me and friends would talk about graduating school and who likes who. It was much easier to play games and the like bcuz we now all had portable games, phones and music players. I watch people walk by all the time, that's never changed but the neighborhood and ppl have. I write and read out there. I feel the breeze and sunshine out there. Porches are special.