May 19, 2011

The Truth About Colds and Allergies

Everyone gets an occasional cold and some people suffer predictably from allergies.  Before you give or receive advice, check out whether or not the information is true.

If someone in my family gets sick, everyone else soon will be sick.

This could be true but doesn't have to be.  Take precautions such as washing your hands frequently and covering your mouth when coughing to minimize the possibility of spreading germs. And make sure the people around you do the same!

Anytime you catch a cold, call your doctor.

Colds take their course.  Call the doctor only if symptoms continue beyond a week or if you experience severe hoarseness, sore throat, greenish or dark-yellow discharge from the nose, or intense ear pain.

New prescription drugs released on the market for flu will knock out colds as well.

New drugs developed to help fight flu don't treat colds. Even if you take a flu drug, you still may get symptoms of colds.

Moving to a dryer climate will solve allergy problems

Some allergies may be relieved by moving, but there is always the possibility that you may experience new allergies to your new environment.

You won't develop allergies as an adult.

Allergies often start in childhood, but adults can become allergic to things they weren't previously allergic to.

You can outgrow seasonal allergies.

The DNA for the allergy does not change so you don't lose the allergy.  However, the sensitivity can lessen throughout the years, but the allergy is not completely gone.

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Are you congested, coughing and have a runny nose? Find out how you can determine whether you have an allergy or a cold so you can treat your symptoms and find relief.  Do You Have an Allergy or a Cold?

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