July 12, 2010

Pass the Vinegar, Please

This information will interest you if you have any aspirations of being a vinegar connoisseur!  Or, even if you don't!

Roslyn, South Dakota is the home of the International Vinegar Museum and the International Vinegar Festival.  Ever heard of them before?  The "international" is because they are the only vinegar museum and festival in the world.

The Museum displays vinegar from all over the world and also shows products made from vinegar, including paper.  You can learn interesting facts about vinegar. For example, people have been making vinegar for thousands of years using whatever fermentable food product happened to be on hand.  This includes rice in the Orient, grapes in Greece, wheat in England (for the "malt vinegar" they put on fish and chips), and corn or apples in the US.

You can take a tour that includes vinegar taste testing.  You can even purchase unique products such as vinegar room deodorizer.

The International Vinegar Festival includes: the crowning of the Royal Quart (no, I didn't make a spelling error here!), arts and crafts, a parade, live entertainment, and a cooking show using vinegar.

I can't say I would plan a vacation to Roslyn, South Dakota.  But if I ever just happened to be there anyway, I most certainly would want to visit this museum and festival. It could be a conversation starter at the lunch table, too!

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