March 24, 2011

My Favorite Yellow Candy

I'm trying to decide which yellow candy has been my favorite throughout the years.Why yellow?  Many of my favorite things are yellow.  The sun, daffodils, lemons, cheese, butter, corn, pencils, school buses, and my volkswagon beetle. And I must add my yellow cat, Walter, who's annoying me right now by sitting between me and the computer screen. 

Here are my eight nominations of my favorite yellow candy.

1.  Butterscotch Buttons.  So sweet and buttery.  These make me think of my Grandpa.  He carried these sweet, hard, individually-wrapped candies in his pocket when he and Grandma came to visit.  It gave my sisters and I yet another reason to hang around Grandpa.  Of course, we weren't allowed to ask for the candy.  But if we waited long enough, Grandpa would eventually reach deep into his pockets and find a butterscotch candy for each of us. My sister Ruthie and I had contests to see which one of us could make our butterscotch button last the longest.  She always won.

2.  Marshmallow Peeps.  Soft and spongy with a sugary coating.  Did you know you're supposed to eat the head first? 

3.  Lemon Fruit Gel Slices.  The best ones were made with real lemon juice.  My mother bought packs of fruit slices in cherry, orange, lime, and lemon. 

4.  Butter Mints.  Soft in their pastel yellow color and soft in texture.  Sometimes I bit right into them.  Other times I let them melt in my mouth until their soft tastiness crumbled throughout my mouth.  When I was a kid, every food table for weddings, showers, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and banquets had butter mints in various colors. 

5.  Jelly Beans.  This candy brings back memories of Easter and big family gatherings.  My dad picked out the black licorice jelly beans, which left more yellow ones for me.

6.  Extra Sour Lemon Balls. The more sour, the better.   I used to sneak these into Glee Club when I was in high school.  Of course, eating candy was not allowed.  I took on the challenge of eating them anyway to see if I could do it and not get caught.  How triumphant I always felt when I walked out of the music room without my stash of lemon balls being discovered.

7.  Lemon Salt Water Taffy.  These were chewy and a combination of sweet and tangy.  I fed Hazel's (neighbor) cat when her family went to the shore every summer.  My pay?  A box of salt water taffy.  I saved the yellow lemon pieces for last because they were the best.

8. Mary Janes.  Remember the yellow wrapper with the red stripe?  Chewy and delicious peanut butter flavor.  Who was Mary Jane, anyway?  All I know about her is that she had great taste!

Which is my #1 favorite yellow candy?   The winner is . . . .

Lemon Fruit Gel Slices!

What is your favorite yellow candy?  

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  1. Great blog! The book you mention in the previous post sounds like a winner. Hmmm yellow candy? I like the hard lemon drops actually. But my favorite orange candy is orange gel slices. If I tried them in lemon I think I'd love them too.

    Looking forward to your April A to Z posts!