February 5, 2011

So The Emperor Thought He Could Stand In the Way of Love!

(photo by Hdconnelly, Dreamstime.com)

There are several stories of how Valentine's Day began. Probably the most popular is about St.Valentine, a Roman priest who lived during the third century.

Rome at that time was ruled by Emperor Claudius. Claudius wanted men to volunteer for the army; however, many men did not want to join because they didn't want to leave their wives and children. Claudius thought that if men were not married, they would want to sign up for the army. So he decided to not allow people to marry!

Foolish, foolish Emperor Claudius, he actually thought he could stand in the way of love!

Of course this did not go over well. St. Valentine used to marry people before the new law, and he continued to do so.  He would secretly perform marriage ceremonies.  One day he was caught and thrown in jail and scheduled to be put to death.

The prison guard had a daughter who visited him in his cell and became his friend.  The day he was to die, St. Valentine left her a farewell note thanking her for her friendship. He signed it, "Love from your Valentine."  He died February 14, 269 A.D.

It is believed that St. Valentine's note began the exchange of love and friendship on February 14.  And, of course, people are still laughing at  Emperor Claudius because he was foolish enough to think he could stand in the way of love!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story. Love is a very powerful force. A force not to be reckoned with. And the bible says God is love.