February 11, 2010

Harriet Tubman, A Great Female Role Model

Every February (Black History Month), I choose a book about Harriet Tubman to read to my class of second graders.  They always listen with wide-eyed interest. Even children with the shortest of attention spans are captivated by Harriet's daring life experiences. Reading about Harriet Tubman certainly helps the students better understand Black History.

I always emphasize to the children  (yes, even in a public school!) specific examples of  how God prepared Harriet, led her, and provided for her.

One example is that Harriet was hit in the head with a hard object when she was young.  This caused her to have sleeping spells the rest of her life.  She was afraid that these spells would prevent her from escaping to freedom.  However, they actually helped her.  One day when the slave catchers were pursuing Harriet, she fell into a deep sleep along side the road.  Tall bushes hid her as the slave catchers rode right past her!

Harriet Tubman was born a slave in the 1800's and spent her childhood and early adulthood in slavery. She fled slavery when God revealed to her that the time was right.  She continued to make trips south to lead other slaves to freedom, including her own mother and father.  All this while a $40,000 bounty was put on her life!  She was called the Moses of her people.  She spent the latter part of her life serving as a nurse, soldier, spy, and scout for the Union Army.  She fought for woman suffrage and continued to work for the rights of blacks.

I think Harriet Tubman is a great female role model.  She courageously followed her Godly calling without allowing herself to be sidetracked. 

So who do you think is a great female role model and why?

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